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'iPhone' Trademark Infringement Lawsuit
Cisco Systems, Inc. v. Apple, Inc.
    January 10, 2007

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  • Folger, Levin & Kahn, Cisco’s Law Firm
  • Apple’s In-House Counsel

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  • Cisco Systems filed a trademark lawsuit against Apple over the ‘iPhone’ introduced by Steve Jobs a day earlier in San Francisco. Cisco contends that it acquired all iPhone trademark rights in 2000 when it acquired Infosys, and that it “continues to use the iPhone mark” in its VoIP and related telephony equipment via a Cisco subsidiary.

    Cisco alleges that although it has been in discussions with Apple since 2001 “about the possibility of acquiring or licensing the rights to iPhone,” it never granted Apple such rights. When Jobs introduced Apple’s iPhone to the public and media at major exhibition, Cisco maintains that the public will be confused because Apple's “‘iPhone’ is deceptively and confusingly similar to Cisco’s long-standing trademark” for an internet-based telephony device.

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