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Three Cautionary Tips for Valentine's Day Shoppers

Zanes Law Encourages Consumers to Think Twice Before Purchasing a Discounted Valentine's Gift

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PHOENIX, Feb. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- There is always someone who will provide a service or sell a product at a discount. In fact, we recently wrote a blog post about personal injury lawyers who discount their services. To learn more, visit: http://zaneslaw.com/discounted-personal-injury-services-good-or-bad/

But is that what you really want when it comes to your Valentine's gift? The initial response that most people will have to that question is "yes," but people seeking a discount really tend to fall into two categories.

  1. Consumers who truly want the discount because the lower price is all that matters.
  2. Consumers who would like to have a discount, but would also like a quality product or great service.

Regardless of the category that you fall into, if you are interested in a discount I do not want your quest for "cheaper" to be in exchange for less service and/or quality. So understanding what drives people to want discounts will help you choose the right Valentine's gift.

Why do discounts work?

Most discounts work on the principal of urgency. If you don't buy now you will lose the opportunity of the discount. Discounts work because of the anticipation of missing out. Anyone selling a Valentine Day service or gift can tap into this principal of urgency within you in order to sell you something.

What discounts work best?

Some discounts do work better than others. For example, people prefer to get 50% more of the same product for the same price rather than to save 33%, even though both are the same savings. Buyers also prefer a 25% discount on top of a 20% discount, instead of a 40% discount, even though it's the same savings.

Wording matters!

The wording of your discount has a lot of impact on how it is perceived. For example, "$5.00 off" emphasizes achieving a gain while "Save $5.00" emphasizes avoiding a loss. It's been found that "Get $ off" tends to motivate buyers more.

In short, discounts are great! But buy the Valentines gift that YOU want, and don't let the discount drive the decision.

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The author of this article, Doug Zanes, a Phoenix car accident and personal injury lawyer: http://zaneslaw.com/arizona-personal-injury-attorneys/arizona-injury-attorney/

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