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Judge Refuses to Cap New York City's Liability in
Lawsuit for Decedants and Injured Parties
in the Staten Island Ferry Crash

In Re: The City of New York

February 26, 2007

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  • Anthony Ameduri, Lead Plaintiffs’ Lawyer
  • NYC’s Corporation Counsel
  • Personal Injury Lawyers

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  • The federal judge overseeing the case involving families of passengers killed and survivors injured in New York City's deadly 2003 Staten Island Ferry denies the City's request to limit its liability to the $14.4 million representing the assessed value of the ship.

    The City’s negligence in failing to enforce its two-pilot rule, “or otherwise adopt a reasonable practice that addresses the issue of pilot incapacitation was plainly a substantial factor in causing the disaster.“

    Since “there was no system for ensuring that the” rules for piloting and operating the vessel and Standard Operating Procedures and “were actually obeyed...[t]he blame for this laxity lies squarely on the shoulders of the City.”

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