al-Marri Plea Agreement: Former Enemy Combatant Pleads Guilty
To Working As An al Qaeda Sleeper Agent While On Student Visa

U.S. v. al-Marri
April 30, 2009

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  • Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri, a Qatari student previously held as an enemy combatant, and charged again in federal court early in 2009, plead guilty to acting as a sleeper agent for the al Qaeda terrorist group.

    al-Marri admitted that he:

    • Conspired and agreed with high-ranking al Qaeda figurehead Khalid Sheikh Mohammed ('KSM'), and others, to provide material support and resources to the terrorist group
    • Attended different terrorist training camps between 1998 and 2001 where he:
      • Received weapons training
      • Learned prearranged codes and various other techniques to protect communications, counter-surveillance techniques, and the protection of information on computers.
      • Stayed at various safehouses in Pakistan
    • Communicated with with KSM using HotMail and Yahoo e-mail accounts
    • made a number of attempts to communicate with al Qaeda figures outside the U.S. after September 11, 2001
    • Fraudulently obtained and credit cards
    • Studied how to obtain and use sulfuric acid and cyanide gas, and had pages in his residence "showing dams, waterways and tunnels in the United States…consistent with al Qaeda attack planning regarding the use of cyanide gases.

    You can read the al-Marri's complete plea agreement below:


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