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  • The Advisory Verdict
  • Waco Civil Trial Preview
  • The Curious Order of Judge Smith
  • Bill Johnston Resigns Amid Waco's Unanswered Questions
  • The Very Unusual Letter of Bill Johnston
     Waco Opinions & Analysis
  • Former FBI Official Byron Sage On The Waco Advisory Verdict [Transcript]
  • Wh y does the left ignore Waco?There's a better case for making a martyr of David Koresh than Mumia Abu-Jamal. So why do liberals continue to overlook him? By Robert Bryce of Salon.
  • The Truth About Waco By David Thibodeau, one of nine survivors of the blaze.
  • Waco: The Inside Story From the PBS Frontline web site. Has frequently asked questions, a chronology of the siege, and a biography of David Koresh.
  • Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum Argues that the Branch Davidians were killed unnecessarily by federal agents.
  • Waco: New Revelations (CBN) The Branch Davidian fire: New revelations about a possible cover up seem to be pouring out almost daily. The Texas Rangers now report they recovered dozens of spent rifle casings from an FBI sniper outpost at the Waco site. And it turns out the same sniper who killed Randy Weaver's wife at Ruby Ridge was one of the agents manning that outpost. Pyrotechnic devices that could have started a fire were used at Waco, though the FBI denied that for six years.
  • The Grand Inquest of a Nation (Intellectual Capital) Most of us knew all along that there was very little truth in the official story about the Waco Massacre. Even now as the official story is changed to cover new physical evidence -- tapes of conversations and canisters of pyrotechnically activated tear gasses -- the cover-up stories continue.
  • A siege turns tragic (Newsweek) The new special counsel will examine whether federal agents did some of the shooting at Waco, and whether they could have started the fire.
  • A Fire That Won't Die (Newsweek) As the surprises keep coming, Reno names a special counsel to sift the ashes of the Waco fiasco and answer the big question: did federal agents disobey orders against using deadly force, then lie about it?
  • Gr asping Waco's Lessons (Christian Science Monitor) The fiery end to the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, in April, 1993, is seared in the nation's memory. The tragic loss of life there was repeated two years later when Timothy McVeigh blew up the Oklahoma City federal building in what he indicated was an act of revenge.
  • Waco again (Dallas Morning News) The need for a serious investigation into the actions of federal law enforcement agencies in the siege of the Branch Davidians is obvious. But Attorney General Janet Reno's appointment of former Sen. John Danforth, R-Mo., to head an independent probe should not override the need for congressional oversight hearings.
  • Janet Reno and the Feds (The Economist) In America╠s presidential system, calls for the resignation of top politicians are rare. Even during that most shameful of episodes, the Lewinsky affair, comparatively few politicians echoed The Economist╠s cry that Bill Clinton should go. So when members of Congress demand the resignation of the attorney-general, Janet Reno, three times on three different charges in two years?most recently the new revelations about the siege at Waco, Texas, in 1993?it is clear that something is rotten in the Justice Department.
  • The truth about Waco (Salon) A survivor says the government still isn't admitting its role in the deaths of 74 Branch Davidians.
  • Alexander Cockburn: Waco: a sickening failure of American journalism (Seattle Times) The ashes of the murdered Branch Davidians and their children - about 80 of them, though we can't be sure - were still glowing as almost all the nation's major news institutions rousingly endorsed the decision of Attorney General Janet Reno and her boss, President Clinton, to give the FBI (and, as it turned out, the Delta Force) the go-ahead for an operation that ensured massacre.
  • Great balls of fire (Salon) The press got a little burned at Waco as well.
  • Fanning the Flames of Waco (Cato Institute) On April 19, 1993, 26 children were killed at the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas. Six years and one day later, 12 children were killed at Columbine High School. The Columbine murderers are dead, and the man who illegally supplied them a gun is facing a lengthy prison sentence. But those responsible for the deaths of the children at Waco remain at large.
  • The time for truth on Waco(Chicago Tribune) There is nothing on the record to contradict the government's contention that it was David Koresh and his followers who started the fire that brought the siege of their compound near Waco, Texas, six years ago to a gruesome, fatal end. Nothing yet, anyway.
  • Janet Reno's truth: She keeps changing it (Jewish World Review) Is anybody surprised? Contrary to Janet Reno's earliertestimony, the FBI did use incendiary tear gas, when it attacked the Branch Davidian compound outside Waco, and set off a disaster. The flammable canisters didn't cause the fire that took some 80 lives, the attorney general now assures us, just as she assured us earlier that such weapons weren't used at all. And so it goes.
  • Official accountability (Dallas Morning News) With all the investigations in recent years of individuals accused of lying to the government, what happens when the government lies to the people? That is the main question beginning to crystallize as Americans try to interpret the fallout from the Branch Davidian affair.
  • Sifting Waco's Ashes (Boston Review) A new film raises disturbing questions about the government's conduct both during the stand-off and after its fiery end.
  • Waco and the Feds (The Economist) Long after the flames had died down, people kept floating theories about government criminality and cover-up in the siege, six years ago, of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. America╠s militia groups, and some of the more conspiratorial circles in Washington, kept up a steady stream of gossip on the Internet. A perfunctory investigation soon after the FBI raid on the compound, which left 80 people dead by gunshot or fire, was ignored. Now, after days of new revelations and admissions by the Justice Department, the conspiracy theories have suddenly acquired a ring of truth.
  • FBI Handling of Waco Siege Questioned ( The Federal Bureau of Investigation last week admitted that it had used potentially incendiary tear-gas canisters during its 1993 siege against the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas. The statement reversed six years of denials by the FBI that they could have used flammable materials during the 41-day impasse, which ended in chaos later in the day on April 19.
  • Bill Johnston letter and statement
  • Text of letter from special counsel's office to Michael Kennedy
  • The Tragedy of Waco: New Evidence Examined
  • Special Counsel John Danforth's Report
  • Order of Judge Smith
  • House Committee on Government Reform Investigation
  • FBI Press Releases September 2, 1999
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