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  • Pro secutor in Waco to Resign - He'd Warned Reno of Possible Cover-Up   (Dallas Morning News 1/25/00) Veteran federal prosecutor Bill Johnston says he is quitting the Justice Department, a move that comes five months after he warned Attorney General Janet Reno of a possible cover-up of key information on government actions in the 1993 Branch Davidian siege.
  • Wa co Negotiators Felt Tear Gas Inevitable, One Says - They Backed Plan Over More Aggressive Options  (Dallas Morning News 12/30/99) Negotiators backed using tear gas against the Branch Davidians because they were powerless to prevent it and feared that tacticians would otherwise be allowed to "throw it in," a top negotiator said after the standoff. Internal records obtained by (Dallas Morning News) indicate that the bureau's tactical experts began lobbying for the use of CS gas in early March, even sending a formal plan to the White House.
  • FBI Was Warned Noise Broadcasts Would Backfire if Used Against Sect  (Dallas Morning News 12/30/99) Even the Dalai Lama got caught up in the Branch Davidian standoff. During the FBI's efforts in 1993 to force sect members to surrender, agents used loudspeakers to blast loud music and other ear-splitting noises into the compound.
  • FBI Missteps Doomed Siege Talks, Memos Say - Criticisms Were Omitted From Davidian Report  (Dallas Morning News 12/30/99) FBI tactical missteps in the first weeks of the Branch Davidian siege hopelessly derailed negotiations, cementing the sect's "bunker mentality," top FBI negotiators and behavior experts told the Justice Department.
  • Government hides identities of Waco witnesses  (The Post-Dispatch 12/29/99) When lawyers for the Branch Davidians sat down recently to question a government witness about what happened at Waco, they found themselves looking at a black screen.
  • U.S. Switches Course, Agrees to Waco Test - Justice Department Reversal Allows Procedure to See if FBI Fired Shots  (Dallas Morning News 12/23/99) The Justice Department has reversed course and agreed to a test that could help determine whether federal personnel shot at the Branch Davidian compound at the end of the deadly 1993 standoff, according to a Wednesday letter detailing the agreement.
  • Deal is Reached on Test That Could Show Whether Agents Fired at Waco  (The Post-Dispatch 12/23/99) An agreement has been reached over a simulation that could determine whether gunfire shows up on infrared film like that taken by the FBI during the final assault on the Branch Davidian complex in 1993.
  • Dav idian Lawyer Raises Questions on Delta Force - He Says Testimony Leaves Gap in Siege Account  (Dallas Morning News 12/21/00) Sworn testimony from two members of the Army's secret Delta Force unit raises questions about the actions of a third Delta soldier during the last hours of the Branch Davidian standoff, a lawyer for the sect said Monday.
  • U.S. Seeks to Shield Waco Files - Public Disclosure Called Security Risk  (Dallas Morning News 12/17/99) Government lawyers have asked a federal judge to block public release of hundreds of government documents recently surrendered to lawyers for the Branch Davidians, arguing that disclosure poses security risks for federal agents and military personnel.
  • Danforth Asks Judge for Temporary Custody of More Waco Evidence  (The Post-Dispatch 12/17/99) Special counsel John Danforth asked a federal judge in Waco, Texas, on Thursday for temporary custody of more evidence from the 1993 government siege on the Branch Davidian complex that resulted in the death of more than 80 people.
  • Davidian Lawyers Start Questioning FBI Agents About Cameras, Bugging  (Dallas Morning News 12/9/99) When investigators for special counsel John C. Danforth and Congress recently combed through the 12 tons of evidence from the scene of the assault, their most interesting findings concerned things that were not there, according to informed sources.
  • Files Yield Surprises Over What's Missing  (The Post-Dispatch 12/5/99) When investigators for special counsel John C. Danforth and Congress recently combed through the 12 tons of evidence from the scene of the assault, their most interesting findings concerned things that were not there, according to informed sources.
  • Danforth's Team Gives FBI Officials a Taste of Their Own Tough Questioning  (The Post-Dispatch 12/4/99) FBI agents are accustomed to tough interrogations. But usually it's the agents asking the questions. Now the tables have been turned.
  • Defendant in Waco Case Will Have Expert Look at Rifle Casings  (The Post-Dispatch 12/3/99) Former FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi will have his own expert examine rifle shell casings that were found in an undercover house near the Branch Davidian complex in 1993.
  • Scientists Tapped for Waco Simulation Used to Work with Justice Dept. Expert  (The Post-Dispatch 12/2/99) The scientists nominated by the Justice Department to perform a neutral test of whether there was government gunfire at Waco are former colleagues of the Justice Department expert who thinks the test is impossible.
  • Danforth's Team Will Question Two FBI Agents Who Drove Converted Tank  (The Post-Dispatch 11/21/99) Investigators for special counsel John C. Danforth are preparing to question two FBI agents who drove a converted tank during the siege on the Branch Davidian complex in 1993 and who may have been in a position to see if agents fired weapons.
  • Waco Test Impossible, Officials Say  (Dallas Morning News 11/8/99) Tests to find the cause of flashes on FBI infrared videotape shot in the final hours of the Branch Davidian siege will probably be meaningless because the camera used at Waco no longer exists, federal officials said Wednesday.
  • Test ing Ordered to See if Agents Fired on Davidian Compound  (Dallas Morning News 11/16/99) Turning aside prolonged federal objections, a U.S. district judge on Monday ordered independent field testing to help determine whether government agents fired at the Branch Davidian compound in the last hours of a 1993 siege.
  • Danforth wants ballistics tests on FBI weapons  (CNN 11/13/99) The special counsel investigating the Waco siege and its aftermath has asked for ballistics tests to be conducted on FBI weapons to determine whether agents fired on the Branch Davidian compound at the end of the 1993 standoff.
  • Court asked to supervise Waco tests  (Dallas Morning News 11/10/99) Throwing its weight behind lawyers for the Branch Davidians, the Waco special counsel's office is asking for court-supervised tests to determine if flashes recorded by FBI infrared cameras in the last hours of the 1993 siege came from government gunfire.
  • The FBI agent at the center of the Waco investigation  (US News and World Report 11/8/00) The Sierra 4 sniper position was some 200 yards from white separatist Randy Weaver's cabin, deep in the northern Idaho mountains. The man in camouflage nestled in the thick brush there had a clear field of fire on the wooden structure across the furrowed ridges. On Aug. 22, 1992, the morning was cool, cloudy and rainy.
  • Seekin g answers in the ashes  (US News and World Report 11/8/99) Attorney General Janet Reno made a calculated choice when she named former Sen. John Danforth as special counsel to reinvestigate the 1993 Waco siege. The Justice Department can now shrug off questions about the government's conduct there by citing the ongoing probe. Danforth's former GOP colleagues were baying for Reno's blood, but he hasmanaged to silence them for the moment by imposing a month-long moratorium on congressional hearings.
  • Film sequel continues charge of Waco cover-up  (Dallas Morning News 11/4/99) Your typical movie premiere doesn't include allegations of homicide by the federal government. But that was the theme of Waco: A New Revelation, unveiled Wednesday to reporters and researchers of the 1993 siege that ended in the fiery deaths of more than 80 Branch Davidians.
  • U.S. warned to release Waco siege documents  (Dallas Morning News 11/3/99) A Waco federal judge angrily warned Tuesday that the government faces contempt proceedings within two weeks if its lawyers do not surrender every federal document relating to the Branch Davidian standoff.
  • Gover nment seeks delay on Waco files  (Dallas Morning News 11/2/99) Government lawyers told a federal judge Monday that they will need another month to produce all government documents tied to the Branch Davidian standoff, and White House officials are considering withholding some materials on grounds of executive privilege.
  • Th e Waco network  (Dallas Morning News 10/31/99) The images are a peculiarly American vision of hell: An apocalypse on the Texas prairie swallows a ramshackle building and more than 80 occupants as an army of federal lawmen circles in tanks and helicopters.
  • S enators agree on probe plan in Waco siege (Dallas Morning News 10/15/99) Senate members ended weeks of arguing Thursday with an agreement on how to investigate the Justice Department's handling of the Branch Davidian siege and other problematic, high-profile cases.
  • FB I cameras encircled compound, files show (Dallas Morning News 10/14/99) The Branch Davidian compound was ringed with FBI closed-circuit cameras and secret government sensing devices during the entire 1993 standoff, and the cameras were used throughout April 19, the day federal agents launched a tank and tear-gas assault, government documents show.
  • Documents: FBI wanted clearance to shoot unarmed Branch Davidians  (CNN 10/8/99) Additional documents have been turned over to Congress showing supervisors in the FBI's standoff with the Branch Davidians asked for permission to shoot unarmed cult members if they approached agents and refused to follow directions, CNN has confirmed.
  • Danfo rth visits site of Davidian siege  (Dallas Morning News 9/21/99) Special investigator John Danforth visited briefly Monday with parents of a man killed in the Branch Davidian standoff when he and three aides made an unannounced tour of the ruins of the sect's compound.
  • Just ice Dept. removes attorney from Waco Davidian case  (Dallas Morning News 9/15/99) The government will not fight a federal judge's demand for control of all of its information and evidence tied to the 1993 Branch Davidian siege, a federal prosecutor said Tuesday.
  • Inv estigators may ask for ballistic tests  (Dallas Morning News 9/15/99) Congressional investigators may seek ballistic tests to determine whether shell casings recovered after the 1993 Branch Davidian standoff came from FBI snipers, officials said Tuesday.
  • Waco tear-gas data was disclosed in '95, Democrat says - Congressman says Reno unfairly accused of cover-up  (Dallas Morning News 9/14/99) Documents submitted to Congress four years ago reflect use of the "military tear-gas rounds" that have prompted new investigations into the 1993 Branch Davidian compound fire near Waco, a Democratic congressman said Monday.
  • Rang ers' report doesn't resolve questions about gun use on last day of siege - FBI has said casings could be from ATF  (Dallas Morning News 9/13/99) A Texas Rangers report on evidence from the Branch Davidian siege resolves some mysteries but deepens others, including questions about whether the government fired guns or high explosives on the final day of the 1993 tragedy.
  • Danforth Prepares for Waco Probe  (Washington Post 9/13/99) Former Missouri senator John C. Danforth said yesterday that he is already assembling a team of private attorneys and federal investigators to probe the government's 51-day standoff against the Branch Davidian sect in 1993 and would not hesitate to prosecute officials for wrongdoing.

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