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  • Class Action Complaint (Armer-Paellmann v. FleetBoston Financial Corp., et al.) (March 26, 2002)
  • California Dept. of Insurance Slavery Era Insurance Registry (Lists Former Slaves, Slaveholders, and Insurance Cos.) (May 2002)
  • Slavery Reparation Scams Surge, IRS Urges Taxpayers Not To File False Claims (IRS News Release) (Jan. 24, 2002)

  • The Brooklyn Slavery Class Action
  • The Horowitz Slavery Ad Controversy, and The Problem With Conceptualizing Human Rights Violations As Property-Based
  • Slavery, Reparations, and Potential Legal Liability - The U.N. Racism Conference
  • Should Claims Based on African-American Slavery Be Litigated in the Courts? And If So, How? - Part II
  • A New Dream Team Intends to Seek Reparations For Slavery - Part I

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