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RIAA Documents

  • Plaintiffs' Report on Napster's Non-Compliance with Modified Preliminary Injunctions [PDF]
  • Plaintiffs / Appellees' Response to Napster, Inc's Petition for Rehearing and Suggestion for Rehearing En Banc [PDF]
  • Napster Appellate Court Response Brief [PDF]
  • Opposition to Napster's Motion for Stay [PDF]
  • RIAA response to Napster [PDF - Part 1] [PDF - Part 2] [PDF - Part 3] [PDF - Part 4]
  • Napster Preliminary Injuction Brief [PDF]
  • Soundscan Study on Napster Use and Loss of Sales [PDF]
  • Survey of Napster users by E. Deborah Jay, PhD., President and CEO, Field Research Corp. [PDF]
  • Declaration of Frank Creighton, Senior Vice President, Anti-Piracy Division, RIAA [PDF]
  • Declaration of Dennis M. Drake Owner and Chief Engineer, The Music Lab [PDF]
  • Declaration of Michael Dreese, CEO, Newbury Comics [PDF]
  • Declaration of Charles J. Hausman, Anti-Piracy Counsel, RIAA [PDF]
  • Declaration of Gregory J. Hessinger, Acting National Executive Director, AFTRA [PDF]
  • Declaration of Robert H. Kohn, Chairman, [PDF]
  • Declaration Dr. Ingram Olkin, PhD., Professor of Statistics and Education at Stanford University [PDF]
  • Declaration of Charles Robbins, Owner, Oliver's Records, Syracuse, NY [PDF]
  • Declaration of Michael Robertson, CEO and Chairman of, Inc. [PDF]
  • Declaration of Mike Stoller [PDF]
  • Declaration of Jack Valenti, President and CEO, MPAA and President, The Copyright Assembly [PDF]
  • Court's 512(a) Ruling [PDF]
  • Complaint for Copyright Infringement Against Napster [PDF]
  • Plaintiff's Brief on 512(a) Issue [PDF]

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