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Landlord Tenant:
  • Complaints (People v. Basagoitia / Robles and Machuca) (Mar. 9, 2003)
  • Opinion (Grimes v. Kennedy Krieger)
Spike Lee:
Wen Ho Lee:
John Lennon:

John Walker Lindh:

Cheryl Littlejohn (Univ. of Minnesota women's basketball coach):

Lockerbie Bombing (Pan AM Flight #103):
Robert Lodati (money laundering at NY horse tracks):

Joseph Loeper:
Steven Loften (Florida ban on gay adoption):
Christian Longo:
  • Information (State of Oregon v. Longo) (Dec. 28, 2001)
Looksmart Ltd.:
Abner Louima:
Juanita Lozano:

Andrew Luster:

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