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Benjamin Ballard:
Victor Barron (NY judge accused of 'fixing' case for $18K):
Jason Bautista (accused of 'Soprano' style killing of mother):
Bay Towers (Boston Waiters'/restaurant workers' lawsuit over tips):
  • Complaint (Moran v. Bay Towers, Inc.) Nov. 6, 1997
BDO Seidman, LLP:
Beastie Boys:
Chaim Berger:
Chuck Berry:
  • Order (Johnson v. Berry and Isalee Music Company)
U.S. v. Bin Laden:
  • Complaint (Biogen v. Columbia University) (July 15, 2003)
  • Criminal Complaint (professor charged with lying in missing plague case) (U.S. v. Butler) (Jan. 15, 2003)
Robert Blake:
Kathy Boudin:
Brazill, Nathaniel:
Kobe Bryant Criminal Case in Eagle County, Colorado Investigation:
Bumfights Video:
  • Complaint (Hannah v. Leticia) (Oct. 2, 2002)
George H.W. Bush:
George W. Bush:
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