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White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card's Oct. 7, 2003 Memo to all
White House Employees About Deadline to Provide Documents to Counsel



On October 3, 2003, every employee in the Executive Office of the President 
received instructions from Counsel's office about obligations to search 
for and provide documents that may be related to the Justice Department's 
investigation.  Employees are to deliver all such documents -- or a 
certification that they have no documents -- to Room 214 in the EEOB 
by no later than 5 pm today.  Copies of the October 3 instructions 
from the Counsel's Office and the accompanying certification form are 
attached. The President has made clear how important it is to him 
that everyone should comply with this request. The sooner we complete 
the search and delivery of documents, the sooner the Justice 
Department can complete its inquiry -- and the sooner we can all 
return our full attention to doing the work of the people that 
the President has entrusted to us.

I expect each and every employee to do what it takes as a professional 
to comply by the deadline, and I expect the senior staff at the 
White House to make sure those under your supervision are 
thorough, diligent, and timely in this effort.

Counsel's office is available to answer any questions you might 
have, and will be staffing Room 214 until 5 pm tonight to receive 

The level of cooperation has been outstanding.  Thank you - especially 
to those who have already complied with the above mentioned request.

Andrew H. Card
White House Chief of Staff


Document courtesy of Federation of American Scientists, appearing as part of collection
on White House Memos on Wilson/Plame Leak Investigation page.
Reprinted by Permission.


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