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Ex-CIA Spy Valerie Plame Sues Richard Armitage
Valerie Plame Wilson and Joseph C. Wilson
v. I. Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby, Jr., Karl C. Rove,
Richard B. Cheney, Richard L. Armitage, and Does Nos. 1-9
September 13, 2006

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Plame’s and Wilson’s Attorneys:
  • Anne L. Weismann
  • Melanie Togman Sloan

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  • Ex-CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson and former Amabassador Joseph C. Wilson, IV file an amended complaint in their civil lawsuit seeking damages for blowing Plame's cover and violating their privacy and constitutional rights. Former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage is named as a new defendant, but in his individual capacity only. This is based on Armitage's new admissions that he told Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward and reporter Robert Novak about Plame’s idnentity after reading a secret State Department memo. Defendants Libby, Rove, and Cheney are accused of being part of "conspiracy among current and former high-level officials in the White House

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