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“Jane Doe” v. Jeffrey Epstein

Billionaire Faces $50M Sexual Assault Lawsuit
February 6, 2008

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  • Jeffrey Herman, Plaintiff’s Lawyer
  • Stuart Mermelstein, Plaintiff’s Lawyer
  • Adam Horowitz, Plaintiff’s Lawyer
  • Attorneys for Sexual Abuse Victims

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  • A lawsuit was filed by a woman in Virginia who alleges that, when she was a 16-year-old minor approximately 3-4 years ago, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein sexually assaulted her at his estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

    The complaint alleges that "Epsein has a sexual preference for underage minor girls" and that "[h]e engaged in a plan and scheme in which he gain access to primarily economically disadvantaged minor girls in his home, sexually assaulted these girls, and then gave them money." Her lawyers assert that their client, ‘Jane Doe’, “became one of his victims” when she was approximately16 years old,

    The suit seeks "in excess of $50 million" compensatory damages, costs, and punitive damages.


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