FindLaw: U.S. v. Steven D. Green - Murder and Rape Charges against Former U.S. Army 10st Airborne Division Soldier From Ft. Campbell, Kentucky


U.S. Solider Charged With Murdering an Iraqi Family and
Raping Their Teenage Daughter Before Killing Her

U.S. v. Steven D. Green
June 30, 2006

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  • A former U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division soldier stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky is charged with the brutal murder of an Iraqi family -- a father, mother, their 14 year-old daughter, and 6 year-old daughter -- inside their home.

    The complaint charges that Green and another soldier raped the family's teenage daughter before "shoot[ing her] in the head two-to-three times" inside the victims’ home near Mahmudiayh, Iraq.

    You can read the original criminal charges in the case below:


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