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N.C. Bar Files Amended Ethics Complaint Against D.A.
Who Prosecuted Duke Lacrosse Team Rape Allegations

North Carolina State Bar v. Michael B. Nifong

January 24, 2007

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  • Douglas Brocker, Lawyer for N.C. Bar
  • D.A. Michael Nifong
  • Criminal Defense Lawyers

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  • The amended ethics complaint filed against Durham County, N.C. District Attorney Michael Nifong, whose office filed charges against members of Duke’s Lacrosse team. The new charges allege that made approximately 150 statements to the media that he “knew or reasonably should have known… had a substantial likelihood of prejudicing the criminal adjudicative proceeding.”

    The charges also allege that Nifong and Dr. Brian Meehan, the president and director of a DNA analysis company, discussed and “agreed that the final [DNA analysis] report would not include all of the results of the tests and examinations performed by [the DNA lab] but would be limited only to the ‘positive’ results.” The complaint alleges that these actions meant that “potentialy exculpatory DNA evidence and test results…would not be provided to the Duke Defendants,“their lawyers, and other player suspects.

    According to the North Carolina Bar, this resulted in Nifong failing to comply with mandated discovery requirements, and him making “misrepresentations and false statements of material fact to the court.”

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