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U.S. Visa Official Indicted for Bribery
U.S. v. Michael John O'Keefe, Sr., Sunil Agrawal   
August 18, 2006

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  • Career state department official Michael John O'Keefe, who is the deputy nonimmigrant visa chief at the U.S. Consulate in Toronto, Canada is indicted on bribery charges. He is accused of trying to expedite the H-1 visa application process for employees of the CEO of a New York City-based jeweler. He is charged with accepting airline tickets from Toronto to New York and Las Vegas for himself and two exotic dancers, along with hotel accommodations, meals, and expenses. According to the indictment, O'Keefe sent an e-mail to the jewelry executive complaining that he was "growing tired of much of the argument over visas," and thanked him for the N.Y.C. bribe, explaining that "spending two days with [both exotic dancers, and] showing them the city, really helped me to relax."

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