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Woman accused of beating boyfriend with his wooden leg

By Tinuola Awopetu, Court TV

(Court TV) — Although Greg Gale attempted to escape his girlfriend's fury on two legs, he was hindered by a third.

The woman, Tammy Johnson, attacked Gale with one of his two prosthetic legs during a domestic dispute on August 3.

The couple was drinking beer in Gale's living room when they began to argue about an incident that occurred four years ago, according to Capt. John Oswald of the Midland Police Department in Michigan.

Johnson allegedly grabbed Gale's older wooden prosthetic and struck him several times around the head. Gale who was wearing the second leg, a titanium model, retreated towards the front yard while Johnson pursued and continued to hit him.

The woman left the scene with the leg after Gale fell in the front yard and yelled for help. A witness riding by on a bike contacted police. Although Gale was bleeding, he did not require medical attention, Oswald said.

Johnson was arrested and charged with larceny and assault with a dangerous weapon. Gale's wooden leg has yet to be recovered.

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