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Woman arrested for bareback horse riding

By Tinuola Awopetu, Court TV

(Court TV) — The "Lady Godiva"-like sighting of a female horseback rider was hard to miss.

Dawnalee Ellis, 34, was arrested after residents in a Billings, Mont., neighborhood called police Oct. 28 to report sightings of a half-naked woman riding a horse.

Billings Police Lt. Joe Bryce said Ellis was riding near the stable where she kept her horse when the calls came in at about 12:49 p.m. The rider allegedly was wearing a blouse and a very short mini skirt that had hiked up to her waist and left little to the imagination.

"She wasn't wearing any underwear," Bryce said.

Ellis reportedly was drinking a can of beer as she rode her horse and allegedly ignored police when they approached her in their patrol cars.

Officers followed Ellis into an alleyway where the horse balked. She was arrested when she dismounted to lead the animal through a gate.

Police charged Ellis with disorderly conduct and released her on $100 bond. A friend of Ellis' returned her horse to the local corral.

The incident was the community's second "Lady Godiva" sighting.

A week earlier, police received reports of a nude woman on a horse. They were unable to locate the rider or the horse at the time, Bryce said. He could not confirm if Ellis was a suspect in that sighting.

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