Special Coverage: War on Terror
U.S. Coast Guard Intelligence Concerns
Over How DP World’s Proposed Purchase
of P&O Could Affect U.S. Port Security

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  • The undated, unclassified U.S. Coast Guard intelligence assessment on U.S. port security, released by Senator Susan M. Collins (R. - Maine), Chairmain of the Senate Homeland Security Committee. The Coast Guard expressed serious concern about the Dubai-based DP World’s (‘DPW’) proposed takover of security operations for a number of U.S. ports if it buys U.K.-based Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co. (‘P&O’), the company currently responsible for signficant U.S. port security operations.

    The Coast Guard assessment concluded that “[t]here are many intelligence gaps, concerning the potential for DPW or P&O assets to support terrorist operations, that precludes an overall threat assessment of the potential DWP and P&O ports merger. The breadth of the intelligence gaps also infer potential unknown threats against a large number of potential vulnerabilities.”

    U.S. Coast Guard intelligence concerns (undated) about port deal with DP World's proposed purchase of Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co. over U.S. port security

               Unclassified Document Released February 27, 2006
               Source: U.S. Senate Homeland Security Committee