FindLaw: Michael Jackson's company sues Darren Julien to stop Memorabilia Auction


Michael Jackson's Sues to Stop Memorabilia Auction

MJJ Productions, Inc. v. Julien's Auction House, LLC, Darren Julien, et al.

March 4, 2009

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  • Michael Jackson filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles to try and stop an April 2009 auction of his memorabilia at the Beverly Hilton.

    The lawsuit alleges that the defendants are "[r]elying on an illegal contract secured by fraud" to sell the pop star's memorabilia, and "have effectively stolen Michael Jackson's property."

    Due to Jackson's financial difficulties in 2008, the filing states, "all of Michael jackson's personal property had to be removed from [his] Neverland [Ranch] within 90 days."

    The suit alleges that Julien promised Dr. Tohme R. Tohme, the president of MJJ Productions ("a furnishing company used to provide the personal services of Michael Jackson") that "none of the personal property removed from Neverland would be sold at auction prior to Michael Jackson reviewing an inventory with photographs in order to determine what could be sold."

    You can read Jackson's lawsuit below:


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