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People of the State of N.Y. v.
Anthony Marshall, Francis Morrissey

Philanthropist Brooke Astor's Son and His Attorney Are
Indicted By a New York Grand Jury on Charges
Alleging They Conspired to Defraud and Steal Millions From Her Estate

November 2007

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  • Anthony D. Marshall, the Tony Award-winning son of the late New York philantrhopist and socialite Brooke Astor, is indicted, along with his former lawyer, by a Manhattan grand jury on charges that they conspired to defraud and steal millions of dollars from the trust established by Astor's husband, the late Vincent Astor, and her estate.

    The indictment alleges that a variety of criminal acts were committed to carry out the conspiracy, and that the defendants took advantage of Astor's "diminished mental capacity" to carry them out. It alleges, in part, that "[t]he object of the conspiracy was to obtain funds from the Vincent Astor Trust for the benefit of" Marshall and others, and that by arranging for her to sell her property when she died, Marshall and others would earn "higher executor fees" from Astor's estate.


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