FindLaw AP News Feedhttp://news.findlaw.comAssociated Press breaking news from around the world, brought to you by, 20 Dec 2014 10:00:01 -0800Liberia holds Senate vote amid Ebola fears, Liberia (AP) — Health workers manned polling stations across Liberia on Saturday as voters cast their ballots in a twice-delayed Senate election that has been criticized for its potential to spread the deadly Ebola disease.By JONATHAN PAYE-LAYLEHiGeneral newsHealthSenate electionsLegislatureGovernment and politicsInfectious diseasesDiseases and conditionsElectionsLiberiaMonroviaWest AfricaSierra LeoneAfrica, 20 Dec 2014 16:01:37 GMTChina's Xi cautions Macau against foreign forces (AP) — Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday urged the semiautonomous former Portuguese colony of Macau to guard against interference by what he called hostile external forces, following the prolonged pro-democracy protests in nearby Hong Kong.iGeneral newsProtests and demonstrationsPolitical and civil unrestLegislationLegislatureGovernment and politicsHong KongChinaMacauBeijingGreater ChinaEast AsiaAsia, 20 Dec 2014 14:57:04 GMTWHO: Recorded Ebola deaths top 7,000, Guinea (AP) — The worst Ebola outbreak on record has now killed more than 7,000 people, with many of the latest deaths reported in Sierra Leone, the World Health Organization said as United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon continued his tour of Ebola-affected countries in West Africa on Saturday.By BOUBACAR DIALLOiGeneral newsHealthInfectious diseasesDiseases and conditionsWest AfricaGuineaConakrySierra LeoneAfricaLiberiaMali, 20 Dec 2014 15:20:06 GMTN. Korea proposes joint probe over Sony hacking, South Korea (AP) — North Korea on Saturday proposed a joint investigation with the U.S. into the hacking attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment, warning of "serious" consequences if Washington rejects a probe that it believes would prove Pyongyang had nothing to do with the cyberattack.By HYUNG-JIN KIMhtBusinessGeneral newsTechnologyHackingCriminal investigationsHuman rights and civil libertiesGovernment and politicsTechnology issuesLaw and orderCrimeSocial issuesSocial affairsNorth KoreaSouth KoreaPyongyangSeoulUnited StatesEast AsiaAsiaNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 15:30:20 GMTSierra Leone peacekeepers to leave Somalia mission, Sierra Leone (AP) — A Sierra Leone military official says the country is withdrawing from the African Union peacekeeping force in Somalia after being blocked from rotating its soldiers over concerns about the spread of Ebola.iGeneral newsInfectious diseasesDiseases and conditionsHealthSierra LeoneSomaliaFreetownWest AfricaAfricaEast Africa, 20 Dec 2014 16:33:55 GMTBig moves bring big hope for Chicago baseball (AP) — As the cranes and trucks hummed just beyond the chain-link fence along Waveland Avenue, Erika Pflederer stopped to take it all in.By ANDREW SELIGMANaGeneral newsSportsSports transactionsBaseballSports businessMedia and entertainment industryIndustriesBusinessProfessional baseballMen's sportsChicagoIllinoisUnited StatesNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 17:24:44 GMTObama's Cuba moves reflect Florida political shift, Fla. (AP) — For decades, the politics of Cuba in Florida were simple: anything less than a hard line stance against Fidel Castro was a sure way to lose a race for office.By BRENDAN FARRINGTONaGeneral newsGovernment and politicsElectionsRace and ethnicityInternational relationsHispanicsSocial issuesSocial affairsCubaUnited StatesFloridaCaribbeanLatin America and CaribbeanNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 16:47:02 GMTSoviet threat to Santa? No way, said JFK in 1961 (AP) — The Kennedy Presidential Library wants to remind the world that not even the threat of thermonuclear conflict can stop Santa Claus from making his rounds.aGeneral newsLibrariesExecutive branchEducationSocial affairsGovernment and politics, 20 Dec 2014 16:48:06 GMTHuman rights in spotlight after US-Cuba deal (AP) — To many exiles and their allies, President Raul Castro is a brutal dictator who locks up dissenters in gulag-like jails, snuffs out political discourse and condemns his people to socialist poverty.By PETER ORSI and PAUL HAVENiGeneral newsHuman rights and civil libertiesInternational relationsGays and lesbiansGovernment and politicsGovernment policyPolitical activismSocial issuesSocial affairsPolitical issuesCubaHavanaUnited StatesCaribbeanLatin America and CaribbeanNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 13:22:49 GMTChina's leader cautions against external forces (AP) — Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday urged the semiautonomous former Portuguese colony of Macau to guard against interference by what he called hostile external forces, following the prolonged pro-democracy protests in nearby Hong Kong.iGeneral newsProtests and demonstrationsPolitical and civil unrestLegislationLegislatureGovernment and politicsHong KongChinaMacauBeijingGreater ChinaEast AsiaAsia, 20 Dec 2014 14:29:51 GMTUK, Canadian military leaves to join Ebola fight (AP) — Reservists and troops from Britain and Canada have left for Sierra Leone to help in the battle to contain the Ebola virus outbreak.iGeneral newsMilitary affairsInfectious diseasesDiseases and conditionsHealthMilitary and defenseGovernment and politicsUnited KingdomSierra LeoneWestern EuropeEuropeWest AfricaAfrica, 20 Dec 2014 12:55:14 GMTLA Dodgers chart new course with rebuilt roster ANGELES (AP) — Andrew Friedman has thoroughly overhauled a 94-win team in his first two months running the Los Angeles Dodgers. None of his myriad moves made a bigger, more baffling splash than his trade of popular slugger Matt Kemp and $32 million to a division rival for what might be no more than half of a catching platoon.By GREG BEACHAMsSportsBaseballProfessional baseballMen's sportsMedia and entertainment industryIndustriesBusinessSports businessLos AngelesCaliforniaUnited StatesNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 11:36:41 GMTFalling oil prices worry Algeria, Algeria (AP) — With oil prices at their lowest in five years and showing few signs of hitting bottom, Algeria is feeling the pinch.By KARIM KEBIR and PAUL SCHEMMfBusinessPricesGovernment payEconomyGovernment and politicsEnergy industryIndustriesEconomic policyGovernment business and financeGovernment policyAlgeriaNorth AfricaAlgiersRussiaAfricaEastern EuropeEurope, 20 Dec 2014 17:36:30 GMTUS sends 4 Afghans back home from Guantanamo (AP) — The Pentagon said Saturday that four Afghans from the Guantanamo Bay detention center have been returned to their home country in what U.S. officials are citing as a sign of their confidence in new Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.By NEDRA PICKLERwGovernment and politicsTerrorismLegislatureWar and unrestGeneral newsMilitary and defenseCubaUnited StatesAfghanistanCaribbeanLatin America and CaribbeanNorth AmericaCentral AsiaAsia, 20 Dec 2014 16:50:43 GMTTexas ranchers seeking alternative incomes, Texas (AP) — The Muleshoe Ranch's profits were chopped in half when the drought withered pastures, dried up stock tanks and forced the owner to move most of his cattle out of state.By BETSY BLANEY and EMILY SCHMALLaBusinessGeneral newsAnimalsAgriculture and the environmentEnergy industryIndustriesAgricultureConsumer products and servicesOutdoor recreationRecreation and leisureLifestyleEnvironmentEnvironment and natureWildlifeNatural resource managementTexasUnited StatesNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 15:48:26 GMTAging white lion euthanized at Ohio zoo (AP) — An aging white lion given to the Cincinnati Zoo by performers Siegfried & Roy had to be euthanized because of age-related health issues.aGeneral newsAnimalsLionsAnimal healthAgingMammalsHealthSeniors' healthCincinnatiOhioUnited StatesNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 17:21:41 GMTUS drone strike in Pakistan kills 5 militants (AP) — A U.S. drone fired two missiles at militant hideout in northwestern Pakistan on Saturday, killing at least five Taliban fighters, two security officials said.By MUNIR AHMEDiGeneral newsWar and unrestMilitant groupsDrone surveillance and warfareDrone aircraftMilitary and defenseGovernment and politicsPakistanPeshawarSouth AsiaAsia, 20 Dec 2014 14:20:59 GMTObama says North Korea hacked Sony, vows response (AP) — President Barack Obama declared that Sony "made a mistake" in shelving a satirical film about a plot to assassinate North Korea's leader, and he pledged the U.S. would respond "in a place and manner and time that we choose" to the hacking attack on Sony that led to the withdrawal. The FBI blamed the hack on the communist government.By ERIC TUCKER and TED BRIDIShtArts and entertainmentGeneral newsMoviesEntertainmentHackingMovie rentalGovernment and politicsMedia and entertainment industryIndustriesBusinessTechnology issuesTechnologyMedia distributionMediaProducts and servicesCorporate newsHuman rights and civil libertiesSocial issuesSocial affairsUnited StatesNorth KoreaJapanEast AsiaNorth AmericaAsia, 20 Dec 2014 11:21:13 GMTHopes, fears, doubts surround Cuba's oil future (AP) — One of the most prolific oil and gas basins on the planet sits just off Cuba's northwest coast, and the thaw in relations with the United States is giving rise to hopes that Cuba can now get in on the action.By JENNIFER KAY and JONATHAN FAHEYhtBusinessGeneral newsEconomyEnergy and the environmentTechnologyOceansEnvironmental activismEnergy industryIndustriesEnvironmental concernsEnvironmentEnvironment and natureAccidentsAccidents and disastersCubaHavanaCaribbeanUnited StatesVenezuelaGulf of MexicoFloridaLatin America and CaribbeanNorth AmericaSouth America, 20 Dec 2014 14:01:41 GMTMore crime lows in NYC despite rising complaints YORK (AP) — Even as New York's police department takes heat for its tactics in the outrage over the Eric Garner chokehold case, year-end crime statistics show two clear trends: low-level arrests are holding steady and overall crime continues to fall.By TOM HAYS and COLLEEN LONGaGeneral newsArrestsCrimeLaw and orderNew York CityNew YorkUnited StatesNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 16:02:32 GMTVonn wins women's World Cup downhill in France D'ISERE, France (AP) — Just four races back into her skiing career, Lindsey Vonn is on the verge of World Cup history.By JEROME PUGMIREsSportsAlpine skiingWomen's skiingSkiingWomen's sportsFranceAustriaWestern EuropeEurope, 20 Dec 2014 13:49:29 GMTAfter turbulent year, Obama aims for quiet Hawaii getaway, Hawaii (AP) — A tumultuous year all but behind him, President Barack Obama set off for his annual winter getaway in Hawaii hoping for one thing: Quiet.By JOSH LEDERMANaGeneral newsGovernment and politicsHawaiiDistrict of ColumbiaUnited StatesHonoluluNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 12:51:59 GMTCrime in NYC drops even as tactics draw criticism YORK (AP) — Even as New York's police department takes heat for its tactics in the outrage over the Eric Garner chokehold case, year-end crime statistics show two clear trends: low-level arrests are holding steady and overall crime continues to fall.By TOM HAYS and COLLEEN LONGaGeneral newsArrestsCrimeLaw and orderNew York CityNew YorkUnited StatesNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 16:25:21 GMTExtremists in Nigeria lining up elderly and shooting them, Nigeria (AP) — Islamic extremists in northeast Nigeria are turning their guns on elderly people, killing more than 50 this week in a new tactic that has instilled more fear in areas the militants call an Islamic caliphate.By HARUNA UMARiGeneral newsMilitant groupsWar and unrestMunicipal governmentsSeniorsGovernment and politicsLocal governmentsViolent crimeCrimeNigeriaWest AfricaAfrica, 20 Dec 2014 12:06:33 GMTMadonna releases 6 songs after leak YORK (AP) — In a surprise preview of her new album, Madonna released six songs Saturday on iTunes and various streaming services.eArts and entertainmentMusicEntertainment, 20 Dec 2014 14:54:01 GMTSpanish protest their nation's new security law (AP) — Thousands of people protested in Spanish cities on Saturday against a new law that sets hefty fines for offenses such as burning the national flag and demonstrating outside parliament buildings or strategic installations.By HAROLD HECKLEiGeneral newsProtests and demonstrationsLegislaturePolitical and civil unrestGovernment and politicsLegislationSpainMadridWestern EuropeEurope, 20 Dec 2014 16:45:46 GMTSpaniards protest their nation's proposed security law (AP) — Thousands of people protested in Spanish cities on Saturday against a proposed law that would set hefty fines for offenses such as burning the national flag and demonstrating outside parliament buildings or strategic installations.By HAROLD HECKLEiGeneral newsProtests and demonstrationsGovernment and politicsLegislationLegislaturePolitical and civil unrestSpainMadridWestern EuropeEurope, 20 Dec 2014 17:45:25 GMTChristmas 1914: The day even WWI showed humanity, Belgium (AP) — With British and German forces separated only by a no-man's land littered with fallen comrades, sounds of a German Christmas carol suddenly drifted across the frigid air: "Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht" ("Silent Night, Holy Night").By RAF CASERTiGeneral newsWorld War IWar and unrestObituariesEventsGovernment and politicsUnited KingdomBelgiumGermanyLondonFranceWestern EuropeEuropeEngland, 20 Dec 2014 13:51:52 GMTCuba protests planned in Miami, but turnout unclear (AP) — A Cuban opposition leader from the island is expected to open a protest in Miami against President Barack Obama's plan to normalize relations with the Castro government.aGeneral newsProtests and demonstrationsGovernment and politicsPolitical and civil unrestCubaMiamiCaribbeanLatin America and CaribbeanFloridaUnited StatesNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 16:49:02 GMTCongress finishes up, its members still grumbling (AP) — The 113th Congress began its turbulent life two years ago battling over whether to help Superstorm Sandy victims. They did, eventually.By ALAN FRAMwGovernment and politicsLegislatureLegislationPolitical partiesVeteransImmigrationIndustry regulationGovernment business and financeBusinessGovernment regulationsEconomic policyEconomyGovernment policyPersonal loansPersonal financeStudent financesPolitical organizationsMilitary affairsMilitary and defenseSocial issuesSocial affairsUnited StatesDistrict of ColumbiaNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 16:13:09 GMTCubans imprisoned in US appear before parliament (AP) — Members of the Cuban parliament gave a standing ovation Saturday to three men convicted of spying in the United States who were released as part of a historic agreement to restore relations between the two long-hostile countries.By ANDREA RODRIGUEZiGeneral newsInternational agreementsLegislatureGovernment and politicsInternational relationsCubaHavanaUnited StatesCaribbeanLatin America and CaribbeanNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 16:51:07 GMT2 car bombs rock southern Sweden's city of Malmo, Denmark (AP) — Swedish police say two car bombs have shattered dozens of windows in a multiethnic district of Malmo, Sweden's third largest city.iGeneral newsBombingsImprovised explosivesWar and unrestSwedenDenmarkWestern EuropeEurope, 20 Dec 2014 15:36:39 GMTObama takes foreign policy risk, but on his own terms (AP) — President Barack Obama has been criticized as cautious on foreign policy, but the secret negotiations on Cuba suggest a willingness for bold and risky action, if he can keep tight control and rely on a few close aides.By JULIE PACEwGovernment and politicsInternational relationsForeign policyDiplomacyGovernment policyUnited StatesRussiaCubaMiddle EastChinaUkraineIranNorth AmericaEastern EuropeEuropeCaribbeanLatin America and CaribbeanGreater ChinaEast AsiaAsia, 20 Dec 2014 14:11:48 GMTBurying the dead after Pakistan's school massacre, Pakistan (AP) — One of the gravediggers at Peshawar's largest graveyard has a rule. He says he never cries when he buries the dead. He's a professional, he says.By RIAZ KHANiGeneral newsWar and unrestPakistanPeshawarSouth AsiaAsia, 20 Dec 2014 14:59:07 GMTBombings kill 12 in Iraq (AP) — Bombs targeting commercial streets and an army patrol killed 12 people in and around Baghdad Saturday, Iraqi authorities said.By SAMEER N. YACOUBiGeneral newsBombingsWar and unrestImprovised explosivesBaghdadIraqMiddle East, 20 Dec 2014 15:54:46 GMTImmigrants build document trails to remain in US DIEGO (AP) — Electricity bills. Speeding tickets. Dentist records. Money order receipts.By ELLIOT SPAGATaGeneral newsImmigrationSocial issuesSocial affairsSan DiegoUnited StatesCaliforniaNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 15:46:58 GMTKidnapped Mozambican businessman released, Mozambique (AP) — A wealthy Mozambican businessman, who was kidnapped last month, has been released, authorities said on Saturday.By EMMANUEL CAMILLOiGeneral newsKidnappingDrug-related crimeCrimeSmugglingMozambiqueMaputoUnited StatesEast AfricaAfricaNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 14:32:16 GMTWhy the Sony hack isn't big news in Japan's biggest newspaper, Yomiuri Shimbun, featured a story about Sony Corp. on its website Friday. It wasn't about hacking. It was about the company's struggling tablet business.By TOMOKO A. HOSAKAhtBusinessArts and entertainmentGeneral newsTechnologyMoviesEntertainmentHackingTechnology issuesMedia and entertainment industryIndustriesJapanEast AsiaAsia, 20 Dec 2014 16:33:14 GMTTick-tock: Tips for last-minute shoppers, Ore. (AP) — The clock is ticking, and your holiday shopping list isn't complete.By SARAH SKIDMORE SELLaBusinessGeneral newsLifestylePersonal financeHoliday shoppingHolidaysOccasionsShoppingFashionBeauty and fashionConsumer products and servicesIndustries, 20 Dec 2014 12:36:44 GMT2 dozen injured in southern Indiana bus crash, Ind. (AP) — More than two dozen people were taken to hospitals after a double-decker bus crashed Saturday morning on Interstate 65 in southern Indiana.aGeneral newsAccidentsAccidents and disastersTransportationSeymourIndianaIndianapolisUnited StatesNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 17:23:59 GMTAfghan leader's two-man government raises concerns, Afghanistan (AP) — President Ashraf Ghani has promised a complete overhaul of Afghanistan's government to root out corruption and incompetence, but after three months in office, three missed deadlines and countless promises, he and his election rival-turned-deputy have yet to appoint a single Cabinet minister.By LYNNE O'DONNELLiGeneral newsCabinet appointments and nominationsGovernment appointments and nominationsCabinetsInternational relationsGovernment and politicsDiplomacyMissing personsPolitical organizationsAfghanistanKabulUnited StatesCentral AsiaAsiaNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 14:46:14 GMTEgypt official says nearly 10,000 detained this year (AP) — A senior Egyptian interior ministry official says the country's security forces have detained nearly 10,000 suspected militants, rioters and others wanted in violent attacks over the past 12 months in a crackdown on those he said were attempting to curtail Egypt's development.iGeneral newsMilitant groupsWar and unrestEgyptMiddle EastNorth AfricaAfrica, 20 Dec 2014 17:43:15 GMTJudge dismisses suit by family saved at sea DIEGO (AP) — A judge has dismissed a lawsuit against a satellite phone company by a California couple rescued with their sick 1-year-old from a disabled sailboat that was attempting to circle the world.aGeneral newsSearch and rescue effortsOceansLegal proceedingsLaw and orderCorporate legal affairsCorporate newsBusinessEnvironment and natureSan DiegoCaliforniaUnited StatesNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 17:23:57 GMTAustralian woman arrested in deaths of 8 children (AP) — An Australian woman was arrested in the killings of eight children, seven of whom are believed to be her own, police said Saturday. The children were found dead inside the woman's home.By KRISTEN GELINEAUiGeneral newsArrestsViolent crimeCrimeLaw and orderAustraliaSydneyOceania, 20 Dec 2014 11:40:12 GMTRobbers strike at Berlin's famed KaDeWe store (AP) — Jewelry robbers struck at Berlin's famous KaDeWe department store Saturday, smashing display cases and running off with their loot.iGeneral newsTheftCrimeBerlinGermanyWestern EuropeEurope, 20 Dec 2014 13:37:23 GMTMegabus crashes on I-65 in southern Indiana, Ind. (AP) — A Megabus headed for Atlanta crashed Saturday morning on Interstate 65 in southern Indiana, authorities said, and some injuries were reported.aGeneral newsAccidentsAccidents and disastersTransportationSeymourIndianaIndianapolisUnited StatesNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 16:02:51 GMTKurds advance against IS group in Syria's Kobani (AP) — Kurdish fighters advanced Saturday in the contested northern Syrian town of Kobani after heavy clashes with the Islamic State group, a Kurdish official and an activist group said.By BASSEM MROUEiGeneral newsSyriaMiddle EastIraq, 20 Dec 2014 13:33:56 GMTRussia dismisses new US sanctions as useless (AP) — Russia on Saturday dismissed new U.S. sanctions as useless and said it was poised to wait as long as it takes for the U.S. to recognize its historic right to the Crimean peninsula.By NATALIYA VASILYEVAiGeneral newsInternational relationsProducts and servicesCorporate newsBusinessProfessional servicesIndustriesGovernment and politicsCrimeaMoscowRussiaUnited StatesEuropeUkraineEastern EuropeNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 11:13:46 GMTAir Force admits nuke flaws, but will fixes work? (AP) — Faced with one of its biggest challenges in years — repairing a troubled nuclear missile corps — the Air Force has taken an important first step by admitting, after years of denial, that its problems run deep and wide.By ROBERT BURNSwGovernment and politicsNuclear weaponsArmed forcesEnergy policyMilitary legal affairsWar and unrestWeapons of mass destructionGeneral newsMilitary and defenseGovernment policy, 20 Dec 2014 14:38:59 GMTCincinnati coach Mick Cronin has aneurysm (AP) — Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin has an aneurysm and will be sidelined indefinitely while doctors decide how to treat it.By JOE KAYsSportsAneurysmsMen's basketballCollege basketballDiseases and conditionsHealthBasketballCollege sportsMen's sportsCincinnatiOhioUnited StatesNorth America, 20 Dec 2014 17:31:35 GMT