FindLaw AP News Feedhttp://news.findlaw.comAssociated Press breaking news from around the world, brought to you by, 06 May 2015 03:10:47 -0700Australian leader brushes off snub to diplomat's gay partner, Australia (AP) — Australia's prime minister on Wednesday brushed off controversy over his office's treatment of the gay partner of the Australian ambassador to France.By ROD McGUIRKiGeneral newsPolitical resignationsGays and lesbiansInternational relationsGovernment and politicsDiplomacyCouplesRelationshipsLifestyleHuman rights and civil libertiesSocial issuesSocial affairsMarriageFamily issuesAustraliaFranceParisOceaniaWestern EuropeEurope, 06 May 2015 08:16:37 GMTBollywood star Salman Khan sentenced to 5 years in 2002 road death case, India (AP) — Bollywood star Salman Khan sentenced to 5 years in 2002 road death case.iArts and entertainmentGeneral newsMoviesEntertainmentCelebrityLegal proceedingsLaw and orderIndiaSouth AsiaAsia, 06 May 2015 09:03:34 GMTSelf-driving semi-truck makes debut on Hoover Dam DAM, Nev.-Ariz. Border (AP) — Daimler officials rolled out their truck of the future Tuesday night, a driverless big rig that negotiated some very tight turns — but with a driver.By KIMBERLY PIERCEALLhtBusinessGeneral newsTechnologyNevadaUnited StatesNorth America, 06 May 2015 08:02:43 GMTA bit late, Vatican officially approves Serra sainthood CITY (AP) — The Vatican's saint-making office has officially given its thumbs up for the Rev. Junipero Serra to be declared a saint — four months after Pope Francis announced he would canonize the controversial 18th-century missionary during his upcoming visit to the United States.By NICOLE WINFIELDiGeneral newsChristianitySainthoodReligionSocial affairsVatican CityWestern EuropeEurope, 06 May 2015 09:43:46 GMTReport: 2.2 million Iraqis displaced by Islamic State (AP) — A Norwegian humanitarian group says a record 38 million people have been internally displaced in their countries worldwide, with 2.2 million Iraqis alone forced to flee from their homes in 2014 after the Islamic State group overrun their areas.iGeneral newsSyriaNorwayMiddle EastIraqWestern EuropeEurope, 06 May 2015 09:34:33 GMTBollywood star Salman Khan sentenced to 5 years, India (AP) — One of India's biggest and most popular movie stars, Salman Khan, was sentenced to five years in jail Wednesday on charges of running over five men sleeping on a sidewalk and killing one in a hit-and-run case that has dragged for more than 12 years.By RAJANISH KAKADEiArts and entertainmentGeneral newsMoviesEntertainmentLegal proceedingsCelebrityLaw and orderMedia and entertainment industryIndustriesBusinessIndiaMumbaiSouth AsiaAsia, 06 May 2015 10:18:37 GMTNepal's earthquake highlights village exodus of the young TOLE, Nepal (AP) — Gone, the girl says as she squints into the sun, the air around her shimmering with wind-blown wheat chaff. She points to one house after another nestled in the green hills, most shattered from the massive earthquake that hit Nepal last month.By FOSTER KLUGiGeneral news2015 Nepal earthquakeProperty damageAccidents and disastersFamily financesSeniorsNatural disastersEventsPersonal financeBusinessNepalSouth AsiaKathmanduPersian GulfAsiaMiddle East, 06 May 2015 07:18:29 GMTMigrants' journey doesn't end at Europe's borders, France (AP) — After crossing seas and continents to reach Europe's outermost borders, desperate migrants don't stop there. They forge onward — including some 2,000 people from Afghanistan, Syria, Eritrea, Sudan and beyond currently camped out amid brush and dunes in the French port of Calais.iGeneral newsFranceUnited KingdomEuropeEnglish ChannelWestern Europe, 06 May 2015 09:13:53 GMTBMW profits rise on SUVs, strong sales in UK, US, Germany (AP) — German luxury carmaker BMW increased its profits in the first quarter thanks to strong demand for its expensive SUVs and higher sales in the U.S. and Britain as well as in a recovering European market.iBusinessGeneral newsFinancial performanceCorporate newsConsumer products and servicesIndustriesUnited KingdomGermanyUnited StatesWestern EuropeEuropeNorth America, 06 May 2015 08:53:10 GMTFor most, N. Korean online shopping not just a click away, North Korea (AP) — Online shopping has arrived in North Korea, though it's as isolated from the rest of the world as the country itself, and the vast majority of North Koreans lack the technology to use it.By ERIC TALMADGEhtGeneral newsTechnologyOnline shoppingShoppingLifestyleMobile phonesConsumer electronicsNorth KoreaPyongyangEast AsiaAsia, 06 May 2015 08:39:10 GMTGerman police arrest 4 they say were plotting to attack Islamic targets; seize explosives. (AP) — German police arrest 4 they say were plotting to attack Islamic targets; seize explosives.iGeneral newsArrestsBombingsLaw and orderCrimeGermanyWestern EuropeEurope, 06 May 2015 07:38:21 GMTPolice in China fatally shoot man seeking aid for family (AP) — Chinese police fatally shot a man in northern China who was on his way to Beijing to ask the central government to help house and take care of his sons and elderly mother, police and a lawyer said Wednesday.iGeneral newsViolent crimeCrimeChinaBeijingGreater ChinaEast AsiaAsia, 06 May 2015 09:30:28 GMTPhilippines says notorious bomb-maker killed by rebels, Philippines (AP) — The Philippine military says a wanted Filipino bomb-maker and one of the top terror suspects has been killed by a rival factions of Muslim rebels.iGeneral newsMilitant groupsWar and unrestBombingsIndustrial products and servicesIndustriesBusinessPhilippinesManilaSoutheast AsiaAsia, 06 May 2015 10:06:00 GMTScientific study shows 3 major pop movements since 1964 (AP) — A British research team has identified three major trends in popular music with the emergence of hip-hop judged the most significant.iArts and entertainmentGeneral newsMusicEntertainmentUnited KingdomWestern EuropeEurope, 06 May 2015 09:43:42 GMTAuthor to face critics of new book about city's rape cases, Mont. (AP) — Author Jon Krakauer doesn't like to make public appearances, so there will be no book tour to promote his latest work, "Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town."By MATT VOLZaArts and entertainmentGeneral newsBooks and literatureCrimeViolent crimeEntertainmentMontanaMissoulaUnited StatesNorth America, 06 May 2015 08:27:01 GMTA bit late, Vatican officially approves Junipero sainthood CITY (AP) — The Vatican's saint-making office has officially given its thumbs up for the Rev. Junipero Serra to be declared a saint — four months after Pope Francis announced he would canonize the controversial 18th-century missionary during his upcoming visit to the United States.iGeneral newsChristianitySainthoodReligionSocial affairsVatican CityWestern EuropeEurope, 06 May 2015 08:50:34 GMTThings to know about new water rules in California drought, Calif. (AP) — Brown lawns, dusty cars and idle sprinklers loom this summer under Gov. Jerry Brown's mandate to reduce urban water use by 25 percent to get through the drought. The State Water Resources Control Board approved new restrictions Tuesday that include a mandatory target for each local water agency to reduce consumption.By FENIT NIRAPPILaGeneral newsNatural disastersAccidents and disastersEnvironmental conservation and preservationEnvironmentEnvironment and natureWater environmentNatural resource managementEnvironmental laws and regulationsGovernment regulationsGovernment and politicsCaliforniaUnited StatesNorth America, 06 May 2015 07:20:06 GMTFrench investigators: Germanwings co-pilot tried controlled descent on previous flight (AP) — French investigators: Germanwings co-pilot tried controlled descent on previous flight.iBusinessGeneral newsFranceWestern EuropeEurope, 06 May 2015 10:07:41 GMTGermany: 4 arrests in alleged plot to attack Islamic targets (AP) — German authorities conducted raids across the country on Wednesday, seizing explosives and arresting four people accused of founding a right-wing extremist group to attack mosques and housing for asylum seekers.By KIRSTEN GRIESHABERiGeneral newsTerrorismArrestsCrimeBombingsNeo-NazismNazismWar and unrestLaw and orderTheftGovernment and politicsGermanyWestern EuropeEurope, 06 May 2015 08:47:52 GMTWoman seeks rescue from boyfriend in online pizza order PARK, Fla. (AP) — A central Florida woman who says her boyfriend was holding her and her children hostage sent a secret message asking for help in an online pizza order.aGeneral newsHostage situationsCrimeFloridaUnited StatesNorth America, 06 May 2015 09:03:54 GMTMichigan voters defeat tax hike in debate over road funding, Mich. (AP) — Gov. Rick Snyder and lawmakers will be forced to consider yet another alternative to address Michigan's deteriorating roads after voters' resounding rejection of a ballot measure that would have increased taxes to pump $1.2 billion a year more into transportation infrastructure.By DAVID EGGERTpGovernment and politicsElectionsLegislatureLocal governmentsLegislationState legislatureIndustrial products and servicesIndustriesBusinessGovernment financeGovernment business and financeState governmentsEconomic policyEconomyGovernment policyMichiganUnited StatesNorth America, 06 May 2015 10:14:22 GMTTurkish election board rejects complaint against Erdogan (AP) — Turkey's electoral board has rejected a complaint by the main pro-Kurdish party accusing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of violating rules that require him to be impartial.iGeneral newsGovernment and politicsNational electionsElectionsTurkeyIstanbulMiddle EastWestern EuropeEurope, 06 May 2015 09:21:46 GMTLatest GOP campaigns for White House star Hillary Clinton, Arkansas (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton starred in two presidential campaign launches this week. Neither was her own.By BILL BARROW and STEVE PEOPLESpGovernment and politicsUnited States Presidential ElectionEvents2016 United States Presidential ElectionCampaignsPolitical partiesExecutive branchNational electionsElectionsCelebrityEntertainmentArts and entertainmentPolitical organizationsArkansasLittle RockHopeUnited StatesNorth America, 06 May 2015 07:19:37 GMTGermany sees rise in anti-Semitic, anti-foreigner crime (AP) — Germany's top security official says new statistics show a sharp rise in anti-Semitic offenses last year, as well as in crimes against foreigners.iGeneral newsRadicalismGovernment and politicsHuman rights and civil libertiesSocial issuesSocial affairsRace and ethnicityGermanyWestern EuropeEurope, 06 May 2015 10:18:33 GMTReview: Small life enhancements come with Apple Watch YORK (AP) — Apple Watch isn't so much a lifestyle revolution as it is a collection of small enhancements that add up.By ANICK JESDANUNhtBusinessGeneral newsLifestylePersonal financeTechnologyFashionBeauty and fashionExerciseDiet and exercise, 06 May 2015 08:34:12 GMTAnalysis: Despite Saudi strikes, Yemen rebels remain dug in, Yemen (AP) — More than a month of relentless airstrikes by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia has inflicted painful damage on Shiite rebels in Yemen, but they show little sign of collapse.By HAMZA HENDAWI and AHMED AL-HAJiGeneral newsWar and unrestGovernment and politicsYemenSanaaSaudi ArabiaMiddle East, 06 May 2015 07:36:50 GMTNigerian troops who fled Boko Haram now have them on the run, Nigeria (AP) — A year ago, a dozen Nigerian troops fighting about 200 Boko Haram militants in the town of Chibok exhausted their ammunition and ran, leaving the road open for the abduction of nearly 300 girls.By MICHELLE FAULiGeneral newsInternational incidentsMilitant groupsWar and unrestTerrorismGovernment and politicsIndustrial products and servicesIndustriesBusinessNigeriaNigerAfricaCameroonWest AfricaChadCentral Africa, 06 May 2015 08:45:29 GMTKerry says he'll discuss pause in Yemen war with Saudis (AP) — Secretary of State John Kerry says he will discuss with Saudi Arabian officials how to implement a "humanitarian pause" in Yemen's civil war.By BRADLEY KLAPPERiGovernment and politicsWar and unrestCivil warsInternational relationsDrone surveillance and warfareLegislatureGeneral newsDrone aircraftMilitary and defenseIndustrial products and servicesIndustriesBusinessDjiboutiUnited StatesYemenEast AfricaAfricaNorth AmericaMiddle EastSomaliaSaudi Arabia, 06 May 2015 10:16:54 GMTAfghan judge sentences 4 to death in mob killing of woman, Afghanistan (AP) — An Afghan court on Wednesday convicted and sentenced four men to death for their role in the brutal mob killing of a woman in Kabul in March — a slaying that shocked the nation and spurred calls for authorities to ensure women's rights to equality and protection from violence.By LYNNE O'DONNELL and AMIR SHAHiGeneral newsLegal proceedingsCrimeLaw and orderViolent crimeHuman rights and civil libertiesSocial issuesSocial affairsAfghanistanKabulCentral AsiaAsia, 06 May 2015 08:20:22 GMTPHOTOS: Skywriter's message of love, peace and smiley faces ORLEANS (AP) — High above New Orleans, a small plane rolled in tight barrels, trailing smoke to create inspirational messages: smiley faces, peace signs, hearts and words like "jazz," ''amen" and — in a true testament of flying ability — "transform."By GERALD HERBERTaArts and entertainmentGeneral newsFairs and festivalsRecreation and leisureLifestyleNew OrleansHammondLouisianaUnited StatesNorth America, 06 May 2015 08:43:39 GMTOfficers' legal attack begins in Freddie Gray case (AP) — One of the Baltimore police officers who arrested Freddie Gray has challenged police and a top prosecutor to produce a knife that prompted the arrest, arguing in a court motion that it is an illegal weapon.JULIET LINDERMAN and DAVID DISHNEAUaGeneral newsArrestsCrimeLaw and orderBaltimoreMarylandUnited StatesNorth America, 06 May 2015 08:29:31 GMTBritain's UKIP drops candidate for saying he'd shoot rival (AP) — The U.K. Independence Party has suspended a candidate in Britain's election after he said he would shoot his Conservative opponent.iGeneral newsGovernment and politicsUnited KingdomWestern EuropeEurope, 06 May 2015 09:48:50 GMTFrench investigators to release report on Germanwings crash (AP) — France's air accident investigation agency says it will release an interim report about the crash of Germanwings Flight 4525, amid lingering questions about why the co-pilot appeared to intentionally drive the plane into the French Alps.iGeneral newsGermanwings Flight 9525 crashAccidentsEventsAccidents and disastersTransportationFranceWestern EuropeEurope, 06 May 2015 09:03:44 GMTIdaho officer fatally shot; man held after high-speed chase, Wash. (AP) — A 26-year-old north Idaho man accused of fatally shooting a veteran police officer and stealing his patrol car has been ordered held on $2 million bail.By NICHOLAS K. GERANIOSaGeneral newsTheftViolent crimeCrimeIdahoWashingtonCoeur d'AleneSpokaneUnited StatesNorth America, 06 May 2015 08:24:01 GMTSurvey finds eurozone business activity robust in April (AP) — A closely-watched survey is indicating that economic activity across the 19-country eurozone grew at a steady pace in April, with Spain and Ireland doing particularly well.iBusinessGeneral newsEconomyEuropeUnited KingdomWestern Europe, 06 May 2015 09:06:09 GMTClinton pushes immigration overhaul to campaign forefront VEGAS (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton is giving immigration a prominent role in her 2016 presidential campaign, reassuring skeptics and seeking to cast Republican presidential candidates as obstacles to overhauling the nation's immigration system.By KEN THOMASpGovernment and politicsUnited States Presidential ElectionEvents2012 United States Presidential Election2016 United States Presidential ElectionRace and ethnicityImmigration policyHispanicsCampaignsImmigrationPrimary and secondary educationLegislatureNational electionsElectionsSocial issuesSocial affairsGovernment policyEducationUnited StatesLas VegasNevadaDenverCaliforniaNorth AmericaColorado, 06 May 2015 07:17:32 GMTAsia stocks down as earnings disappoint, Greece date looms, South Korea (AP) — Asian stock markets were in the red on Wednesday, dented by weak earnings in Australia and doubts about Greece's ability to repay debts due to the IMF this month. Chinese markets turned lower after a brief rebound from the previous day's sell-off.By YOUKYUNG LEEiBusinessGeneral newsFinancial marketsLeading economic indicatorsEconomyEnergy industryIndustriesCommodity marketsFinancial performanceCorporate newsStock marketsSouth KoreaAustraliaEast AsiaGreeceUnited StatesAsiaOceaniaWestern EuropeEuropeNorth America, 06 May 2015 07:26:54 GMTIran to release seized Maersk vessel after it pays fine, Iran (AP) — A Marshal Islands-flagged cargo vessel seized by Iranian forces as it was traversing the Strait of Hormuz last month will likely be released in two days, after it pays a fine, Iran's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said Wednesday.By AMIR VAHDATiBusinessGeneral newsInternational incidentsInternational relationsGovernment and politicsIndustrial products and servicesIndustriesTehranIranUnited StatesStrait of HormuzMiddle EastNorth America, 06 May 2015 10:18:04 GMTSenators seek VA probe to see if mishandled claims systemic (AP) — Troubled by delays in handling of veterans claims, a bipartisan group of senators is seeking a wide-scale independent review of the Department of Veterans Affairs for mismanagement and changes to improve budgeting and speed up applications.By HOPE YENwHealthGovernment and politicsVeteransLegislatureMilitary affairsMilitary and defensePhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaUnited StatesNorth America, 06 May 2015 07:20:13 GMTRussia's failed cargo spacecraft to fall from orbit Friday (AP) — Russian space agency Roscosmos says the cargo ship that failed in its mission to deliver supplies to the International Space Station will fall from orbit on Friday.iGeneral newsScienceIndustrial products and servicesIndustriesBusinessRussiaEastern EuropeEurope, 06 May 2015 09:00:07 GMTGreece makes IMF payment, another looms, Greece (AP) — Greece is making a 200 million euro ($222 million) repayment to the International Monetary Fund, though another, larger one looms next week that it will struggle to manage.iBusinessGeneral newsFinancial servicesIndustriesGreeceWestern EuropeEurope, 06 May 2015 09:22:14 GMTMixed signals emerge for eurozone economy (AP) — Following a solid start to the year, signs emerged Wednesday that the 19-country eurozone economy is losing some traction.By PAN PYLASiBusinessGeneral newsEconomic growthEconomyRetail and wholesale sector performanceConsumer products and servicesIndustriesEuropeUnited KingdomWestern Europe, 06 May 2015 09:30:07 GMTAP Interview: Uganda's president says he's the one bullied NATIONS (AP) — There is so much freedom in Uganda that it's nearly anarchy, the country's president joked, stepping carefully around what's an open secret back home: Yoweri Museveni will run for yet another term next year, and surely he will win.By CARA ANNAiGeneral newsHuman rights and civil libertiesGovernment and politicsSocial issuesSocial affairsUgandaAfricaEast AfricaCentral Africa, 06 May 2015 09:22:08 GMTNew evidence leads to capital murder charge in U.Va. case, Va. (AP) — A prosecutor has obtained a capital murder indictment against the man accused of the abduction and killing a University of Virginia student, saying she plans to seek the death penalty.By LARRY O'DELLaGeneral newsLegal proceedingsViolent crimeMissing personsCrimeLaw and orderVirginiaCharlottesvilleUnited StatesNorth America, 06 May 2015 08:07:28 GMTEngineers inspecting quake-damaged homes in Nepal's capital, Nepal (AP) — More than a thousand engineers are checking damaged houses in Nepal's capital and advising people about whether they are safe.iGeneral news2015 Nepal earthquakeProperty damageNatural disastersEventsAccidents and disastersNepalKathmanduSouth AsiaAsia, 06 May 2015 09:19:46 GMTIndian court says Bollywood actor guilty in 2002 case, India (AP) — One of India's biggest and most popular movie stars, Salman Khan, has been found guilty of running over five men sleeping on a sidewalk, killing one in a hit-and-run case that has dragged through the courts for more than 12 years.iArts and entertainmentGeneral newsMoviesEntertainmentLegal proceedingsHit-and-runCelebrityReckless endangermentCrimeLaw and orderAccidentsAccidents and disastersTransportationIndiaMumbaiSouth AsiaAsia, 06 May 2015 07:49:18 GMTSmashing Pumpkins frontman brings awareness to vets YORK (AP) — When Smashing Pumpkins takes the stage this summer, part of the band's mission will be to raise awareness of the plight of U.S. military veterans.By JOHN CARUCCIeArts and entertainmentMusicEntertainmentCelebrityUnited StatesPittsburghNorth AmericaPennsylvania, 06 May 2015 07:31:59 GMT2nd Uber office in China under investigation (AP) — Chinese police have visited Uber offices in a second city in a widening investigation into the company's operations in China.htBusinessGeneral newsTechnologyMunicipal governmentsLocal governmentsGovernment and politicsCorporate legal affairsCorporate newsChinaChengduBeijingGreater ChinaEast AsiaAsia, 06 May 2015 09:49:10 GMTFrance: Lubitz tried controlled descent on previous flight (AP) — French air accident investigators say that the co-pilot on Germanwings Flight 4525 tried a controlled descent on another flight that morning.iBusinessGeneral newsGermanwings Flight 9525 crashAccidentsAccidents and disastersTransportationEventsFranceBarcelonaWestern EuropeEuropeSpain, 06 May 2015 10:12:51 GMTIsrael's Netanyahu races to form narrow coalition government (AP) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was racing against the clock Wednesday to put together a governing coalition or else face an almost unimaginable scenario by which he would be forced out of office.iGeneral newsGovernment and politicsNational governmentsJudaismReligionSocial affairsIsraelMiddle East, 06 May 2015 10:06:32 GMT